The Reading – Listening Method

Sometimes your brain needs a small break. Going through textbook after textbook can get tiring – and a little boring! So try this fun reading – listening method. The reading and listening method can help with your overall reading comprehension, and with your pronunciation. You should only do this method for about 20 minutes a day.

1. Pick Something You’re Going to Be Interested in

Pick a book, article or magazine you’re going to be interested in reading. Get the text in English, and your Native tongue. Get the audio only in English. You only need to listen to about 5 minutes of the audio.

people-woman-girl-technology2. Read the Text While You’re Listening to the Audio

Try to hear the English words as you’re reading the text in your Native tongue. If that’s too confusing, then don’t worry! Just read the text in your Native tongue, and then immediately listen to the English audio.

3. Read the English Text While You’re Listening to the Audio

Now read along with the English text as you’re listening to the English audio. Write down any words or phrases you don’t understand. After the 5 minutes of audio, look up the definition of any words or phrases you didn’t understand. Write out the definition of the words.

7030239035_624c94268a4. Read the English Text

Try to read the English text without listening to any audio, or referring back to your other language text. Try reading the text aloud. The English audio you listened to a couple times should help with your pronunciation of new or challenging words. If there’s any word you struggle with, or still don’t understand, listen to the audio again. Listen carefully to the pronunciation of the word, and pay attention to the context of the word.


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