Learning On the Go (The Best Language Apps)

Lots of people are too busy to set aside a good chunk of time, every day, to learn a language. We’re all busy, running around, and it’s hard to set aside valuable time. But do you have enough time to make learning a language part of your daily commute? Study some English on your 10-minute drive to work? It doesn’t take long, and you’ll start to notice lots of improvements. Here are some of the best free language apps you can download right on your phone!

1. DuoLingo 

DuoLingo is an easy and addictive app that’s absolutely free. DuoLingo is like a game – you start with three hearts, and every time you get an answer wrong, you lose a heart. If you lose all three hearts, you have to start the level over again. And you get points for completing a level!

DuoLingo also keeps you motivated. They will track your progress, and send you daily updates/reminders so you’re not likely to forget about it. Each level gets increasingly more difficult. There’s also a social aspect to DuoLingo – you can compete against others. This is the app I personally recommend to start with.



2. Busuu

With this app, you get to actually speak with over 35 million native speakers. You get to apply your speaking, reading and listening skills with native speakers. You can improve your skills by participating in interactive quizzes and exercises. This app also gives you regular feedback, which keeps you motivated. A wonderful feature with Busuu is that it will teach you an individual word and then provide you with an example in context.



3. iHandy Translator

This app is similar to Google Translate. It will translate any sentence or phrase into 52 languages. You can also check what words or phrases you’ve looked up in the past that saves you time from re-typing it all. Although this app is free, there is a paid PRO app that handles common phrases in your desired language, and a text-to-speech function. The app goes for about $1.99. However, the free app still gives an accurate translation and is very easy to use.

4. Google Translate

Google Translate will translate any sentence or phrase into the vast number of languages it includes. It will also verbalize a word or phrase, which is great to help your pronunciation and listening skills. A lot of students will use this app just to see how a word is said. However, not all translations are accurate.


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