5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

4097009340_4175110833_bWhen you first start to learn a language, you’re pretty excited about the whole process, which keeps you motivated to keep learning. But after awhile, that excitement can start to fade. And in turn, you lose the motivation to continue learning. Some students start to think, “Why am I even doing this? I’m not seeing any improvement.” So here are a few tips to keep yourself motivated:

1. Think About Your Main Reason for Learning

We usually start to learn a language with a specific goal in mind. Maybe your ultimate goal is to go to the United States for a few months and be able to communicate freely, or maybe it’s to communicate more effectively with foreigners within your work. Whatever the reason, keep it mind. Think about how excited you will be once you reach your goal. Think of the day when your English will be completely fluent, and you will speak English like it’s your mother tongue. You’ll get there!

2. Think About All the Progress You’ve Made

The progress you’ve made isn’t something to brush off. It’s very impressive! Not everybody can learn a new language, and not everybody has the determination to do so. Learning a new language is very difficult, so you should be proud that you even took the step to do so. But with each passing day, your English improves so remember to reward yourself for each goal you get to. You deserve it! You should feel very proud of yourself.

3. Find Somebody To Talk With

Whether it be a teacher or a friend, find someone you can talk about English with. Talk about the progress you’ve made, where you want to see improvements, or just everyday conversation. A good friend and/or teacher will support you and encourage you to keep going. Every time you use English, your English will improve. So what better way to improve than with someone who will encourage you and motivate you to keep going?


4. Personalize Your Studies

It’s hard to stay focused and motivated if you’re constantly studying grammar drills. If you love cooking, try to learn some common cooking expressions or learn food vocabulary. Then the next time you’re cooking, you can pretend to have your own English cooking show! Study what interests you. Make studying English a part of your hobbies, as well. For example, if you love to write, try writing a short story/children’s story in English. Try fun, different ways to work on your English.

5. Travel

This last tip may not always be possible, but moving to your desired country will help your skills improve greatly. If it’s not possible to move to a different country, maybe you could just visit for a week or so. Any exposure to the culture and language will not only motivate you, and keep you going, but it will also improve your English. If there’s no way to move or travel to an English speaking country, don’t worry. Just try to immerse yourself in the culture and language by watching English movies, TV shows, music, and even food.



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11 thoughts on “5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

  1. One student of mine used to tell me: but I love English but I just can’t get good grades in my evaluations! And my answer would be: you love English but does English love you? How about that?


  2. Great insights about keeping yourself motivated! I would add that learning a new language is very much like falling in love. You have to feel that your love is reciprocated when you perform in that language. If you don’t receive positive feedback then maybe languages is not your thing. Right?

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