Learn English Through Music

Many people think that fun and studying can’t go together. But one of the best ways to learn something as well as you possibly can is to make it fun for yourself. What better way to make English fun than to learn it through music?

It is often said that many people can increase their mental abilities by listening to classical music (this is known as the Mozart effect). So the same can be true with learning another language. There is lots of scientific evidence to back up the link between music and improved English skills.


Listening to music will improve your pronunciation and understanding because you’ll be able to listen to the words, and hear the context of the word. Very much like learning English through movies, you’ll be able to understand everyday slang terms or phrases – something you won’t learn about in the textbooks. And because music is so catchy, and you’ll attach an emotional bond to it, you’ll most likely remember the English you learn from it better than you would with just a textbook. So how do you do it?

1. Pick A Song You’ll Like

There’s no sense in listening to a genre of music you’ll hate or you will find yourself bored to tears or even frustrated. Instead, search for music within a genre you love. A good place to search for music is YouTube. It’s best to just start out with one English song at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Try to pick a song that matches your level of English. You don’t want to pick a song that’s full of complicated metaphors you’re not likely to understand. Try picking a song where the English is relatively easy to understand and uses everyday English. Be careful not to pick songs where the lead singer doesn’t pronounce the words clearly. Although Pearl Jam may be a band you love listening to, it’s hard to understand Eddie Vedder at times.


2. Look Up the Lyrics As You Listen Along

Great places to look up the lyrics to virtually any song is Lyrics.com and Smartlyrics.com. Looking up the words will help you understand the meaning and context of the words. It will also help you when you’re just listening the song, as you can visualize the words in your head. If there are any words or phrases in the lyrics you don’t understand, look them up. This is a great way to improve your vocabulary. Try to master each word until it’s become a part of your English vocabulary. If you feel like your English vocabulary is already pretty good, and would like to challenge yourself, try looking for similes, metaphors or imagery in the song. This is a great way to get an even better understanding of the song.

3. Sing

This is the best step of learning English through music! Sing the song whenever you can, whether it be in the shower, in the car or just in your room. Have fun with it! Try to memorize the song, and sing along with looking at the lyrics. Eventually, these words will become a part of your vocabulary without even thinking about it. Remember to periodically come back to this song and see if all the lyrics still make sense.



So have fun with this method of improving your English! Music is a universal language everybody understands and enjoys. It breaks down barriers and crosses through cultures. So not only will you get a better sense of a new culture, but you’ll also appreciate yours even more. You’ll quickly realize just how much you can learn from your favorite songs!


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