Learn English Through Sports

If you like sports, you’d be surprised at how much English you can learn through watching it on TV! Sports are also a frequent conversation topic, so if you learn some common vocabulary, you can practice your English with co-works after the big game.


Watch A Sport You Like

 If you really like watching football (or soccer), then don’t bother watching another sport to pick up on English. You’ll learn best if you’re watching something you truly enjoy. Learning English should be fun! It shouldn’t always feel like a chore. It would also help to watch a sport you’re already familiar with so you’ll understand the “body language” and apply the terms to the proper context.

Watch As Often As You Can

Even if you can’t watch the game for very long, or if you prefer to watch a majority of the game in your Native tongue, just 10-15 minutes will still improve your English. Every little bit helps. You could even watch the entire game in your Native tongue, and then watch the after-game commentary in English.

Keep A Notebook

Write down all the terms, or phrases you don’t understand. Look up the definitions and phrases after you’re done watching the game. The next time you watch a game, see if you understand the terms you looked up before.


Television is a great place to improve your English. It’s also a fun, enjoyable activity that can add some variety to your regular study routine. Although you usually can’t see huge improvements in your vocabulary just by watching sports, it can definitely be great English conversation starters. If you’d like a complete guideline on learning English through movies, click here.


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