When They Speak Too Fast…

hqdefaultIn any language, if you’re not a native born speaker, and just learning the language, you’re not very likely to catch every word the native speaker says. They just speak so fast! It seems like they’re all talking at an abnormally fast rate. I know it can be discouraging because it feels like you’re not making any progress. But don’t think like that! Learning a language is difficult – even if you’re naturally gifted with languages. And it’s amazing that you’re even trying to learn a difficult language. After all, not everybody can learn another language.

So although you may feel frustrated and discouraged, just think about all the progress you’ve made. That’s not something to brush off. And remember with each passing day, your English is improving. You’re one step closer to that level of English you wish to be at. Try to keep a positive attitude about your personal learning process. Your mistakes aren’t as bad as they may seem.

So what should you say to an English speaker if they’re going too fast? Just politely ask them if they could repeat themselves. Tell them you’re still learning English, and you need them to go a little bit slower. Surely they won’t mind. Don’t be embarrassed to ask them to slow down or repeat themselves – they may have been in the same boat as you or are currently learning another language too.


With practice comes perfect. The more you listen, speak, read, and write English, the better you will become. In time, you won’t have any difficulties listening to English speakers, and you may even speak as ‘fast’ as them. Keep up the good work!


Let me know what you think!

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