Learn English Through Video Games


The role of technology, as a fun alternative, in education has become an ever popular tool used in learning. Video games are a great activity to improve your English. In most new video games, they include reading, writing, and oral English. It’s also a great way to learn without having to hit those boring textbooks. So, here’s how to do it:

1. Pick A Video Game You Enjoy

Although video games may not be the best educator on content (unless you happen to be learning about different kinds of Pokemon…) they help with other areas of language, because you’re seeing text and hearing how words are said. The best kind of games to improve your English are action/adventure because you’re completely immersed in a situation. You have to base your decisions off what other characters say or do, requiring you to understand the actual context of words. That being said, pick a game you will enjoy. You’re more likely to actually learn something if you’re playing a game you like. 

2. Concentrate On 15 Minutes

You may be playing video games for hours on end but, you don’t need to actually pay attention to the English for hours at a time – that would exhausting! Instead, just focus for 15 minutes at a time. Listen to how the character pronounces words and read along if you can. Try to read the dialogue yourself. Then, try to read the dialogue aloud. This can be a lot of work, but it will definitely help improve your English. Especially because the dialogue used in video games isn’t the same dialogue you’ll read in textbooks or hear in class. It’s more natural, and something you’ll probably be exposed to with native English speakers.


3. Look Up Words

If there’s a word you see or hear that you don’t recognize, take a quick second to quickly write it down. If there are lots of words you’re unfamiliar with, don’t overwhelm yourself. Just pick 2-4 words to focus on. After your done playing video games, look up the word and write down the definition. For extra work, try using the word in a sentence. Make sure you review this new word a few times every day so you’ll remember it in the future. For tips on how to remember new vocabulary, click here. The next time you go to play video games, see if you can remember the words and the definitions.

4. Review

Every time you go to play video games, take a moment to review your list of new words. Try to remember most of the words and definitions yourself. Then, skim through your list and read the words aloud. Remember, every time you review this list, the word is more likely to stick in your head. If you keep up this process, you’ll likely have even more fun (and understanding) with your video games! 


Learning another language doesn’t always have to be boring – you don’t always have to read through a textbook or complete tedious grammar drills. As this post shows, learning languages can involve fun activities. So try improving your English through the use of your very own video games at home!


3 thoughts on “Learn English Through Video Games

    1. That would be an interesting class! But you’re definitely right. Games aren’t going to be the main source of learning a language, or you’ll have a definite/obscure vocabulary. But, it’s a fun alternative to ‘hardcore’ studying. Trying alternative methods within education is a good way to keep the interest & motivation within students going!

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