Teacher Appreciation Week: 15 Signs You’re An Awesome Teacher

In honour of ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’, I put a small list together of the things you may have experienced in your teaching career. Thank you to all those teachers out there! Only other teachers can relate to the struggles and rewards in this fulfilling career. So here are some of the signs you’re an awesome teacher:

1. You use a lot of gestures when you talk… outside of the classroom.

2. You have a million black and red pens around the house, and you’re almost always marking.

3. Your mind is always thinking of ways to improve the classroom… even when you’re on vacation.

4. You’ve mastered the ‘not impressed’ and ‘I’ll wait’ face.

5. You’re slightly annoyed when people say your job is so easy.

6. You enjoy when students get creative with their answers.

7. You’ve gotten creative with your test questions.

8. You really get involved in your lesson material in order to make it more entertaining.

9. You use interesting homework exercises.

10. Your sense of humour has been warped.

11. You can tactfully handle obscure or random questions from students. 
giphy (1)

12. When you get to know your students and you think they’re totally awesome. 

13. When you’re okay losing your part of your identity and being known as ‘Teacher! Teacher! 

14. When your students say the ‘darndest’ things and everybody has a big laugh.

15. When you feel like giving up but then you get a reminder that you are appreciated.

Keep up the amazing work teachers!


13 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Week: 15 Signs You’re An Awesome Teacher

  1. “3. Your mind is always thinking of ways to improve the classroom… even when you’re on vacation”. To me, this is clearest sign that you are really vocationally motivated for your career.


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