Grammar Can Be Your Friend

a-guideto-bigcitylife-loveA lot of students are hesitant to learn grammar because of all the complicated rules and it can honestly be quite dull. But if you remember why it’s important to learn the basics of grammar, you can have fun learning about it. So why is grammar so important? Here are a few reasons:

1. Story Telling

If your grammar is limited, sometimes your stories can have limited meanings as well. Grammar allows you to change the time, place or action of a sentence, even if you have a limited vocabulary. For example, look at the sentences below and see how they could tell so many different stories:

(a) “I swim.”
(b) “I was swimming yesterday.”
(c) “I have been swimming a lot lately.”
(d) “I will swim soon.”

Notice how these sentences are relatively simple and similar, but each sentence could tell a different story. For example, the third sentence might suggest that the person regularly swims, whereas the last sentence might suggest a person who is scared to swim. With four different verb forms, you can completely change the idea of a story or sentence.

2. Better Conversations

Although most people will be very kind to you when you’re learning a language, people will be more willing to have fluent conversations with you if they understand what you’re saying. For example, if you say: “Mind to tell me where I can find bananas pleased?”, a person might not be inclined to ask you any further questions to keep a conversation going. However, if you say: “Do you mind telling me where I can find bananas, please?”, they may be more helpful and ask you further questions. Before you know it, you could be ten minutes into a conversation about banana face masks. Good grammar will help with fluid conversations, helpful information, or even starting new friendships. However, this is not to say that if you have poor grammar, you won’t have good conversations – so don’t feel discouraged.

boy-1986107_960_7203. Better Understanding & Confidence

When you learn about basic grammar rules, it helps you have a better understanding of the English language. You will understand why words are spelled a certain way, and why sentences are formed the way they are. When you have a better understanding, you’ll likely have better grammar – both written and oral. This will give you more confidence in your English skills. You will feel more comfortable speaking in front of others and engaging in English conversations.

Learning grammar is an important part of the English language. Although it may not be the most exciting part of learning a language, it’s important to do so. By studying English grammar, you will quickly get to the level of English you’re aiming for!

Improving Your Grammar Without a Teacher

But without a teacher by your side, how will you know if your grammar is okay?

One of the best online resources for grammar checking is Grammarly. In fact, this is the very app I use to help me with my blogging and social media.

Grammarly is great because it proofreads anything you write and checks for:

  • spelling mistakes
  • grammar mistakes
  • phonetic spelling mistakes
  • the context of writing
  • punctuation
  • plagiarism

Grammarly takes your piece of work and checks it against 250 grammar rules such as subject-verb agreement, article use, or irregular verb conjugations. It will even suggest synonyms so that your writing is more fluid.

I personally have the Grammarly extension on Google Chrome so that no matter what I’m writing – emails, documents, blog posts, or website information – it will still be proofread. If that isn’t something you’d be interested in, you can simply use the online editor.

Best yet, Grammarly is completely free. I use Grammarly every day, and you can too by following this link:


NOTE: The Grammarly links are affiliate links, but I only recommend products I personally use and love. Let me know in the comments below, what aspect of grammar do you struggle with the most?  Have you ever tried an online grammar checker?


3 thoughts on “Grammar Can Be Your Friend

  1. I am feeling extremely thankful with your advice. Ley me thank you deeply.
    I want to try Grammarly App but I can not right now because Of my memory capacity’Smartphone. It is full. I am going to check it to make room to try this new App.
    Thank you so much.
    I will be looking forward to receiving your suggests, English lessons.
    God bleas you


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