Be Excited About Where You Are Headed

When we’re learning something new, especially a language, it can seem overwhelming. There’s so much to learn, and in a way, you will never really stop learning a language. That can feel discouraging. The road to learning a language is very long.

So how can you choose to be excited about where you are heading instead of how long it will take?


Think about why you started to learn English in the first place. Maybe you have a love for the language, you wanted to communicate with others, or you want to travel to an English-speaking country one day. Remember the reason you started, and the excitement you felt. At that point in time, you still had so much to learn, but you were probably more focused on the excitement of learning a language – not the overwhelming aspect of it.

How can you can back to that feeling again? Try to learn different methods of learning English. For example, try finding a friend to study with, include more movies or podcasts, or scroll through Pinterest to find activities to try. Try to regain that excitement you originally felt.

If you try different methods or focus on different aspects of English, you will feel more excitement towards your studies. That way you won’t feel discouraged about what you have yet to learn, but excited about where you’re going!



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