12 Tips for Staying Inspired

Learning English isn’t just about studying. There are other methods that can actually help improve your English. Let’s take a look:

1. Drink Water

There are so many health benefits to drinking water. Best of all, water makes your brain work faster. An article by  Frontiers in Human Neuroscience suggests that drinking more water has a positive effect on their cognitive performance, especially in regards to processing and memory. The next time you find it hard to focus, drink a big glass of water!

2. Sleep More

I’m sure you know that when you don’t get enough sleep, you become moody, lack motivation and perception. This only worsens when you consistently lose sleep. Research shows that if you get a decent night’s sleep is optimal for learning and memory.  So hit the hay!


3. Organization

Whenever you have time to relax, schedule your week or your day. Schedule out a few things that you need to accomplish each day. You can schedule out specific English activities you’d like to try. Being organized and scheduling your day/week will help your mind to stay clear and focused and reduce anxiety.

4. Taking Breaks

It’s important to take the occasional break, especially if you’re studying. Set allocated times to get whatever you want to get done – whether it’s 45 minutes or 10 minutes. Schedule short breaks, and stick to your schedule. With the internet and cell phones in our hand, it’s really easy to get distracted and overuse your break time. A lot of people follow the 50/10 rule – 50 minutes of work, and a 10-minute break. This allows them to refocus but still accomplish the work they need to get done.

5. Reading

Studies suggest that reading every day can reduce stress, increase mental stimulation, improve your vocabulary and memory. You don’t have to spend an hour reading each day, even 10 minutes will do wonders!


6. Browsing

Whenever I feel my motivation draining, I always hop on Pinterest. There are thousands of pictures that touch on your specific interests. This can motivate you to be more creative, brainstorm ideas, conduct research, or try new activities. There may be hundreds of websites that keep your brain ticking. Or you may find your motivation outside by taking a hike or admiring nature.

7. Clean Up

Remember in school we always had “clean-up time” – that 5 or 10 minutes before class ended to clean up the classroom? This can apply to your personal life, as well. Allow a short period of time to do a quick clean up before your day is done.

8. Gratitude

Being grateful makes you happy. Think of things you’re grateful for every single day. You may realize how fortunate you are after you’re able to think of many things!


9. These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Remember to give yourself some time to do the things you love like playing with your pet or watching some television. Whatever it is, remember to indulge.

This list may seem random and have nothing to do with your English studies – and in a way, it doesn’t. But improving your overall mental state and rejuvenating yourself with motivation will, in turn, improve your studies. By staying healthy, learning more, planning your days, and focusing on your happiness, you will see improvements in your study – and maybe even in your own personal life.











Let me know what you think!

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