No Shame In Hard Work

When you’re learning a language, many people fail to tell you how much work is required. It is hard work. I’m sure by now, you’ve realized that. And I’m sure you’ve worked extremely hard to get your Engish skills to where you’re at now.

But working hard can get a little discouraging sometimes – even if you are personally seeing improvements in your English. How could that be?


The discouragement sets in when you feel like people aren’t recognizing your hard work. You start to feel like your sense of accomplishment or ability is based on what other people say. Maybe your teacher hasn’t been giving you as much commendation lately, or your friend has commented on how long you’ve been learning English. You’re working hard, or perhaps even harder, but you’re not getting the same confirmation of your work anymore.

It’s perfectly normal to want acknowledgment for the work you’ve done. But you will never feel happy or satisfied if your self-worth is determined by what other people say. There will be many days when you work extremely hard, and no one will notice. But that doesn’t mean you’re any less accomplished.


Remember to set goals and reward yourself when you reach them. By doing this, you build faith and pride in your own work. You won’t need others to give you as much commendation because you’re already satisfied with yourself.

Better yet, find others who have the same English goals as you. Celebrate with them when they reach their goals. If you show the initiative and encourage others, they will do the same with you.

So keep working hard, because you’re next greatest achievement could come soon!





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