My Words Are Powerful; My Writing is Gold

I recently found this blog post where a teacher discusses the difficulties of getting her young students to enjoy writing time.

Perhaps you feel the same way. That’s okay! Not everybody enjoys writing. This blog post, however, discusses some tips to make writing more enjoyable. Give some of these tips a try!

1.Watch Video

Watch this video on writing by Lucy Calkins. Lucy Calkins – author of the Units of Study for Reading and Writing series – offers words of wisdom on how to approach writing tasks to produce the best compositions possible. She discusses revising writing, reading your own writing, paying attention to detail, and other aspects of being a good writer. It’s a really interesting watch!

2.Personalize Writing

Whether you’re writing in a notebook, or keeping some lined paper in a folder, decorate it! Make it your own. Decorate or personalize in a way that motivates you to write.



3. Relax

Find a place where you are the most relaxed. Find ways to relax even more: light some candles, spray a relaxing scent, wear comfy pants – whatever it takes. The point is when you associate writing with relaxation, you’re more likely to have a positive view about it.

4. Share It With Others

This is totally an optional step, and if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your writing with others, that’s okay! A great place to share your writing is on a blog site like WordPress. You could even post some of your writing on Wattpad.


Hopefully, these tips will help you to not only enjoy your writing but see improvements with it as well! Do you enjoy writing? What other writing tips did I miss? Let me know in the comments down below!






2 thoughts on “My Words Are Powerful; My Writing is Gold

    1. I personally think children should be encouraged to enjoy writing. Writing is a practical skill that everybody needs. Children will need it for their education, and then as they find employment. The stronger their writing skills are, the better off they’ll be. Plus some children find writing very therapeutic. Personally, when I was a child, I loved to write and wrote many different stories. It was a creative outlet I very much enjoyed.

      This blog post was intended to help older ESL students who don’t enjoy writing. But whether children enjoy it or not, writing is an essential skill, and I think it’s important to encourage everybody to develop a positive connotation with it.


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