How to Find the Perfect Book to Read

A lot of students ask me for book recommendations, and it’s so exciting to see how many English learners are reading on a daily basis! But it’s hard to recommend books to students because everybody is at a different level of English, and not everybody likes the same kind of books!

How to Find the Perfect Bookto Read.jpg

So whether you like reading about aliens invading earth or you enjoy a good romance story, this list can help you find the perfect book to read. This list is designed to help you find a book that is not too hard to read but still challenging enough to improve your English. Let’s get started!

Find A Book That Interests You

Go to your local bookstore, or go online to find a book that you think you might be interested in – science fiction, action, romance, comedy etc. Most bookstores (even online) categorize their books and have a ‘best selling‘ or ‘most popular‘ section. Those are great places to start!

Open Your Book to a Random Page

You can start with the first page, last page, or somewhere in the middle. Read the entire page, and count how many words you don’t know.


If you don’t know…

1.One word – this book is okay to read. It’s often best to read books that will improve your vocabulary. You don’t even have to look up new words you come across as you can usually figure out the meaning of the word by its context. You’d be surprised at how quickly a word can be added to your personal vocabulary just by the number of times you read it in a book.

2.Two words – this book is still a good choice. Again, this book will help improve your vocabulary simply by exposing yourself to new words and figuring out their meaning from the context.

3.Three words – this book may be a little tricky. If you find that your book has three words you don’t know on every page, this may be exhausting to read. You may find that you’re missing pieces of information and you may find the book confusing.

4.Four words – this book is hard to read. It can be really frustrating to read something that you don’t fully understand. It can be mentally draining and make you want to give up on reading altogether!

5.Five or more words – try picking a different book. Again, it can be exhausting to read a book that you don’t understand. Don’t feel like a failure if you have to pick another book to read. Everybody has different starting levels, and everybody’s level of English is different. It’s better to read a book that’s suited to your needs and a book you’ll enjoy rather than a book that you struggle reading.

So try to incorporate this method the next time you’re looking for a book to read. What kind of books do you enjoy reading? What’s your favourite book? Let me know in the comments below!


Let me know what you think!

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