Getting to Know the Teachers: Ellen

There are so many wonderful ESL teachers out there that everybody – teachers and students alike – can learn from. Whether your teaching ESL or just beginning to learn English, these innovative teachers can show you new ways to learn. After all, life never stops handing out lessons, and we’re always learning.

This month we have Ellen! If you’re interested in learning from an extremely passionate teacher, she’s for you! Ellen has a really engaging YouTube channel and social media presence – especially on Instagram. If you’d like to reach out to Ellen you can contact her through Twitter,  Facebook, and of course, through email: Let’s get to know her better!

Copy of getting to know the teachers

How long have you been teaching English?

I´ve been teaching for twenty-two years.

Wonderful! What inspired you to start teaching? How did you get there?

Well, as I was living in the US and was also a learner, it made me very upset to see Americans making fun of other Brazilians because of their faulty pronunciation, so I decided that I would be a teacher and no one would EVER make fun of any of my students.

That’s so upsetting. I’m sure you’ve had great teaching experiences though. What’s been your favourite?

Oh wow, it´s so hard to mention only one! In twenty-two years I´ve had quite a bit of great experiences!! Thank God! But let me think…. I had a student once who started from the very beginning, after some time studying with me, she traveled to Australia to spend a year and also to improve her English, she had her pronunciation rated as the best among all her classmates. There was another who passed her job interview to work at a multinational company, one other who passed a proficiency test at USP….  all of these experiences have made me feel so rewarded because my `babies´ (as sometimes I call my students hahaha) reach their goals and I can be a part of it.

thumbnail_classroom 4.jpg

That’s awesome! What’s your teaching philosophy?

Well I always say that there are three equally important things for a person to have in order to learn English:
– good material or source,
– good teacher,
– and be a good student.
The good student is not the person who learns very easily, but rather the one who is interested and dedicates at least 15 minutes every day to learn.


I totally agree! Do you think technology has changed since you started teaching?

My goodness!!! A lot!!!!!  And that makes everybody´s life so much easier!

classroom 2.jpegYou have a huge social media presence on Instagram. What made you want to reach out to students on YouTube?

Well, I always wanted to help more people and I thought that YouTube could make that dream come true.

So, what’s next for you in your career?

It would be great to have – apart from my in-person classes – online courses as well. That way distance wouldn´t be an obstacle anymore.

I’d like to thank Ellen for allowing me to interview her for my blog and wish you all the best with your future endeavors. Ellen is such a passionate teacher and it’s very clear she loves what she does – you should definitely check her out. Stay tuned for more teachers’ stories!


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